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Meet Collegiate and Professional Goals through Kettering’s Honors Program

Have you been exploring colleges with honors programs, hoping to get the most out of your collegiate experience? Are you searching for honors programs that will challenge you and help you grow? You’ll find everything you’re looking for at 正规的赌博app

在凯特林, our university honors program builds on our unique educational philosophy to provide you with a flexible learning path that is especially geared toward the accomplished and adventurous. Our honors program combine an adaptive curriculum with substantial research opportunities that are packed with hands-on learning opportunities and exciting challenges.

Prestigious Honors Program by Invitation Only

Like other colleges with honors programs, Kettering’s is by invitation only. If you are an incoming freshman with an exceptional academic background, you will be considered for our honors program prior to your matriculation.

Upon acceptance to 正规的赌博app, the Provost invites select students to participate in our honors programs.

While this process is similar to other colleges and universities with honors programs, at Kettering we provide you with opportunities and advantages you won’t find anywhere else.


Honors programs can provide you with many benefits during your college years and throughout your career.

What is an honors program at 正规的赌博app? Here, our honors program will provide you with opportunities and enhanced learning experiences beyond the typical Kettering experience.  

What is an honors program going to do for your future? 在凯特林, honors students who graduate in good standing will have this designation placed on their official transcripts and diplomas — helping you stand apart from your peers in today’s job market, potentially helping you get into grad school and more.


在凯特林, the heart of our honors program encompasses a variety of concentrated and multidisciplinary core courses and electives that are customizable to meet your needs and culminates in a research- or project-based undergraduate thesis. 

作为凯特林的优等生, 不管你的专业是什么, you’ll join a prestigious program that can offer you a host of opportunities and advantages, 现在和将来.


  • Annually renewable $2,000 scholarships for tuition exclusively available to honors students
  • First-year, paid, faculty-sponsored research assistant positions

Additional Engagement with Faculty and Peers

  • Dedicated university honors program faculty advisors who will coach you academically and professionally
  • Publication opportunities in academic and professional journals in collaboration with faculty 
  • Enhanced learning experiences and in select classes designated specifically for honors students


  • 提前录取进入合并 学士/硕士学位课程
  • Participation in an awards ceremony and an honors student designation at 毕业典礼
  • A notice of your honors designation on your 正规的赌博app transcript and diploma — as well as recognition at your commencement ceremony


正规的赌博app排名第一. 12 out of more than 150 higher education institutions in the Midwest, according to the U.S. 新闻 & World Report’s Best 大学 2022 rankings.






Summa, Magna和Cum Laude

Check Off 正规的赌博app Honors Program Requirements

To earn a spot in our honors program, you must first be accepted to 正规的赌博app. The Provost selects students with exceptional academic records and invites them to join other highly accomplished students in the honors program.  

Once accepted into our honors program, to continue students must:

  • Earn a minimum of 15 credits per term, with possible exceptions during your senior year
  • Complete an enhanced learning experience for two courses each academic term
  • 保持累积GPA为3分.5 during your sophomore, junior and senior years 
  • 完成至少161个学分

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